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Ninth Monument - New Haven, CT

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Despite the fact that the Ninth Regiment Connecticut Volunteers were not allowed to place any memorial
at Vicksburg until recently, a monument honoring the Regiment was placed in New Haven in 1903. 
Later that same year Massachusetts placed the first state Monument at the newly created Vicksburg 
National Military Park.

Each year around Veteran's Day a wreath is placed at the Ninth's Regient Connecticut Volunteers
monument in New Haven.

A description of the New Haven monument is as follows:

Connecticut Historical Society - Current 9th Regiment CV Monument - New Haven


  1903 Ninth Regiment CT Volunteers statue, New Haven, CT.

The Dedication Book for the 1903 Ninth Regiment CV monument at Bayview Park in New Haven’s City Point area was digitized by Quinnipiac University in three PDF files as follows:

Click here for: Page 1-9

Click here for: Page 9 – 30

Click here for: Page 31 – 52

November 12th, 2006 wreath laying at the New Haven Monument.

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