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Captain Gary Scott

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Captain Garry Scott died January 17, 1912 and was buried at Berryville Ioof Cemetery in Arkansas.

From Murray’s 1903 History of the Ninth Regiment:

SCOTT, CAPT. GARRY T., a native of Middlebury, Ct, born Nov. 8,1837. He resided on a farm until 12 years of age when he entered a country store, remaining in that employment for about four years. At the breaking out of the Civil War, he was a merchant in Plymouth (Terryville), Ct.

He joined the Ninth, was made hospital steward of the regiment, Oct. 30, 1861, and held the office until the fall of 1862. He was made first lieutenant of Company F, Oct. 19, 1863, and succeeded John G. Healy as captain of Company A, Ninth battalion, C. V., being promoted to that rank, Dec. 15, 1864. He was mustered out, Aug. 3, 1865. He wedded Sarah M. McNeil of New Haven. They had five children; three boys and two girls. Capt. Scott went to Nebraska in 1878, where he is successfully conducting a cattle ranch.

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